Lightbridge Academy - A Family Of Child Care Centers

Lightbridge Academy - A Family Of Child Care Centers


Lightbridge Academy - A Family Of Child Care Centers

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Every family deserves a circle of care.

Guy and Julia Falzarano set out to create the original Rainbow Academy with a one-of-a-kind vision. In addition to their desire to create the child care experience they would want for themselves and their own family, they wanted to do something to ease the stresses of parents.

They knew the challenges of working parents well and recognized that in addition to a child’s need for quality, nurturing care, moms and dads have needs, too. That led them to develop industry-leading programs like ParentView® Internet monitoring—to provide parents with a sense of connection during the day—as well as optional meal plans and extended hours to ease the stresses of demanding work schedules.

Understanding those needs led to Rainbow Academy’s Circle of Care philosophy, where the concerns of working parents are just as important as the care and education of their children. By fulfilling mom and dad’s needs and providing them with peace-of-mind, we help them become the parents they want to be.

Over the years, we have created a model of educational childcare unlike any other. We call it our Circle of Care, and it includes everyone from our management team, owners, directors and teachers to the parents and children we serve. Our Circle of Care inspires us to pay special attention to our educators so they’ll stay for the long term. That’s important for everyone—especially the kids. Everyone within our Circle of Care is collectively committed to creating genuine, nurturing relationships with every family member. We believe that’s the key to ensuring the educational success and well being of every child.

At Rainbow Academy, we understand the transformative role we play in the lives of children and parents. It inspires us to see everyone in our Circle of Care as part of our extended family. You’ll find these values at work every time you walk through the doors of your center or read a daily report on your child.

It’s a center and an experience you can feel good about. Isn’t that what you envision for your family?
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