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About Lancaster Protective Services

Lancaster Protective and Investigative Services is a world-class full service security company that provides state of the art services to a diverse client base. We are a fully licensed company that employs only highly trained and motivated people that meet or exceeds industry standards of professionalism.

We provide security, event management and protective and investigative service solutions to corporations, individuals, sports venues and celebrities. Our company proactively protects people and assets in an unobtrusive and specialized manner that is customized to the needs of our individual clients. Lancaster only hires experienced and qualified law enforcement. This ensures that they are competent individuals that need no overseeing. Their proactive approach will identify and complete tasks without any direction.

The key to Lancaster’s mission success is its management team. Lancaster executives’ hold the highest designation recognized in the security industry, Certified Protection Professional (CPP). This coveted vanguard of the security industry sets the Lancaster management team ahead of our competitors. As a CPP our executives must adhere to a Code of Responsibility and must constantly update and maintain their designation through training and teaching the tenets of the security industry. The CPP Code of Responsibility holds that members must agree to the following:

  • Perform professional duties in accordance with the law and the highest moral principles. Non-compliance includes any acts or omissions amounting to unprofessional conduct and deemed prejudicial to the CPP designation.
  • Observe the precepts of truthfulness, honesty and integrity.
  • Be faithful, competent, and diligent in discharging their professional duties.
  • Safeguard confidential and privileged information and exercise due care to prevent its improper disclosure.
  • Not maliciously injure the professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients or employees.

(Source: American Society of Industrial Security, ASIS)

Lancaster’s guards are retired and active law enforcement. They are part of a countrywide employee list. They come from a variety of backgrounds, which include NYPD, FBI, SHERIFF DEPT., K-9 UNITS, BOMB SQUADS, HOMICIDE SQUADS, TERRORISM TASK FORCE, DETECTIVE BUREAUS, ETC.

Lancaster’s guards work experience includes being first aid responders, which includes CPR and Defibrillator qualifications. They would be included in the companies First Aid Responders Program.

Utilizing qualified and experienced guards together with proven security methods and standardize best practices would create an environment that would place the client in the best possible position to mitigate any unforeseen liability.

These principles are passed down our management chain from our top executives to our on site people. Lancaster will not compromise these ideals and holds everyone within the organization to these high standards.

Our products include; corporate security, executive protection, security assessments, armed officers, event management and background investigations.

When speaking of our guard service, most companies are concerned with budgets. What they need to realize is “ you get what you pay for “. Funding for a warm body is not, at all, cost effective. Lancaster would sit down with your company to listen and determine what exactly are your security needs, with a cost effective approach. The assessment of your site would consist of determining how many guards would be needed to properly secure your facility. Upon completion of most assessments, the number to properly secure the facility with our guards is less than the current number of guards the facility is utilizing. The company has to have the mind set for the cost of five of their guards compared to three of our qualified and experienced guards. Our pay rate is commensurable to the quality and experience that each guard attains.

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