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Novomni is a full service technology solutions expert providing businesses the necessary and needed information on the newest and best technology solutions to eliminate problems, reduce costs and increase productivity today. We will provide your company with a No Cost/No Obligation Technology Assessment so you have information as to how efficient your current resources are being utilized as well as what options and/or solutions may be available to you to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies.

• We have saved our clients on average 35% and as much as 75% on monthly technology costs while at the same time increasing productivity. 
• We are Certified Partners with Microsoft, Sage and others providing a wider array of applications not available to non- certified individuals that translate to reduced operational costs for our clients.
• We provide solutions that greatly reduce downtime, network, email and other IT issues.
• We provide solutions to reduce hardware purchases and associated maintenance costs
• We work with your IT department when applicable providing access to advantages we have as Authorized Resellers and Certified Partners that your IT personnel may not have, providing you more options, tools and solutions to lower costs for your business.

The use of technology is the heartbeat of today’s businesses yet most businesses do not look at their current uses and costs until it fails or creates problems for their operations. The standard in many cases is to fix the problem and not be proactive in putting resources in place that will prevent the problems from happening in the first place. 

If this sounds like your business, you want to call us. Call today for your No Cost/No Obligation Technology Assessment and start letting your technology work for you! 

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