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Doctor Business.com was established by Robert M. Donnelly, an author, educator, and brand builder for businesses and individuals, to help CEOs plan better to increase the profitability and productivity in their firms.

After a successful career as a C level executive with IBM, Pfizer, and EXXON, Bob joined an international consultancy as a senior partner involved in the transfer of technology globally. That led to his becoming the CEO of the U.S. subsidiaries of several foreign multinational corporations.

While managing one of those business units, Bob took an unknown foreign brand and built it into the market leader in its segment of the market, and positioned the brand for sale to a Fortune100 Corporation.

Bob has developed and delivered seminars for Business Week and Inc. magazines, and was featured in USA Today for his work with the INC. 500. As a result of this work Inc. published his first book: Guidebook to Planning – A Common Sense Approach, available on Amazon in a soft cover edition, as an E book, as well as an audio book.

Hundreds of CEOs have used the book to build winning business plans for their companies. Bob uses the book as the text in an MBA course on Entrepreneurship & Innovation that he has been teaching for many years.

Bob has also written another book: Personal Brand Planning for life, that he uses as the text in one of the few MBA courses on personal branding in the country, available on Amazon in a soft cover edition, as well as an E book.

These days besides teaching and writing, Bob functions as an Interim Executive primarily helping CEOs to build brand equity and improve profitability.

If you are struggling with improving brand awareness and/or profitability issues – contact Bob.

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