Blue Foundry Bank - Montville

Blue Foundry Bank - Montville


Blue Foundry Bank - Montville

448 Main Road
Towaco, NJ 07082 | map | directions
Joanne Lopez Joanne Lopez
(973) 588-9300
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We’re a bank that makes things. We craft ideas, solve challenges, nurture relationships, build solutions, and get things done for our customers and communities. Our commitment to being a hard-working advocate for the northern New Jersey communities we serve dates back to the 1870s. In 1939, we officially became Boiling Springs Building and Loan Association, followed by Boiling Springs Savings Bank and then, in 2019, Blue Foundry Bank.

We’ve built on our past to be the bank of tomorrow.

Think of us as a visionary financial foundry. We make things with innovative methods, attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our nearly 20 branches are made up of smart, hard-working bankers who are forging new relationships, experiences, communities, partnerships and solutions.

We provide comprehensive financial products and services that make people, businesses and neighborhoods stronger. Where others may see obstacles, we see opportunities. It’s revolutionary the way we think strategically, stay flexible, believe in what’s possible, and then get to work making a difference in our communities and in the lives of our customers.

Wherever you are in life, and whatever you hope to achieve, it helps to have a banker at your side. We’re that partner who understands your vision, wants you to succeed and then creates a blueprint to get there.

We’re a different kind of bank.

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